New Towel Rack and Shower Curtain Rings.

Bathroom. New South Wales Luggage Shelf originally meant for a train. Bathroom. plants2 20110117-DSC_0077-2 We painted our bathroom white the other weekend, and put up our newly purchased towel rack from an antique store in Ballarat, Australia (which was the main inspiration for painting the bathroom). It was originally used as a luggage shelf on a train, the NSWR stands for "New South Wales Railway." I also bought a new white shower curtain, a gray bathmat, an old locker basket for magazines (from Second Use, $10), a couple white candles, and instead of using regular shower curtain rings, I bought 'binder rings' from Paperzone for 15 cents each and used those -I like that they're super thin and round. The bathroom seems bigger and brighter now that it's white, if you're ever at a loss for what color to paint your bathroom, I strongly recommend white. It's anything but basic.

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