Riki Zarris and Infusion.

Picture 6 I love this technique, I think it looks great and I really want to learn how to do it. Riki transforms digital prints of her original paintings or photographs by printing them out using archival paper and ink, then mounting them onto white stretched canvas that is then texturized with a gloss gel medium applied by hand. This particular print by Riki can be found here (found via Modish). I also found these new totes/wishlist items (via Modish), made by Infusion. Screen shot 2011-01-16 at 1.53.39 PM Screen shot 2011-01-16 at 1.53.52 PM


Cathy said...

That top bag (with the scarf strapped in the buckles) is the best thing I've seen this year! Good find!

Nome Alone said...

Thanks! I know right? It's that color...


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