Happy New Year!

It appears as though everyone in my closer circle of friends and family, including myself, are going-through, trying and starting new ventures in their lives. I've never been one to get too sappy or sentimental about leaving and starting a new year, but this time it feels different. A new year equals a big deal. On a (kind of) related note, this last friday afternoon I went to the Banya 5 Spa for the third time in two years (it's sort of a special occasion type of thing), and it was exactly what I needed. It's the spa that has several different temperature pools, a sauna, a steam room and a refreshing tub of lemon ice-water. I think everyone could use a cleanse every so often, especially after the Christmas holiday. A few care free hours with a couple of loved ones at the spa --chit-chatting, reflecting, brainstorming and planning. It makes you feel as though you're set for the entire year ahead. My skin, even a few days later, feels "silky" smooth. So, in a round-about way, long story short, it's an exciting time. Life is really good. Wishing you an extremely joyful new year. Love, -naomi

1. Photo found via STREETFSN BY NAM.
2. Photo by Patrick Wright.


des said...

funny, i too was at banya on friday for the same reason, nothing like a good shivtz to enter a new year and fresh starts. best 2012.

Nome Alone said...

Great minds think alike ;) To fresh starts!
Happy New Year!


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