This should be in my house.

Picture 4 Picture 5 I am obsessed with pencil stubs; I once considered it a tattoo idea, in fact, I'll probably still get a pencil tattoo (please don't steal my idea -not that it's a very good one). I like pencil stubs because they've been loved and taken care of for so long, and I feel like there's a lot more to them than just being some old object. I also love that this print by Jean Richardson has a whole bunch of them nicely organized in one confined area, it couldn't be more suitable for myself or my home, and it's just that reasonably priced that I might have to buy one, don't ya think?


JoFaulkner said...

LOVE this print.... really nice blog! loads of lovely stuff. thanks for your nice comments xxxxx

JoFaulkner said...

p.s. what camera do you have? it gives great detail x

Nome Alone said...

Thanks!! This particular photo was taken by the Sycamore Club (the group selling the print), but I usually use a Nikon D40. :)


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