Huge news!

Picture 2 Picture 1 Picture 3 I got a job as a graphic designer at Microsoft! I started last week, and so far it's been really great. I work with a talented group of people, including my best friend Kate Bailey, as well as an array of designers and artists on some really interesting projects. So, I'm having to augment the post where I said I was going back to school. With the advice of my instructors and mentors, I knew that this was a great opportunity that I should pursue. With that said, I started last Thursday, and am super excited about the new path my life has taken. A lot of great things have happened in this last year with school and my internship with Pacific Standard, and I feel super lucky. It makes me really appreciate my support system of friends, family and the genuinely great new friends I've met a long the way. So, long story short, back to blogging! And thanks for checking in! Love, -n
Celebrating new job!
Celebrating new job!  Celebrating new job! ...which of course, called for some celebrating!


Teresa Marie said...

Yay! So happy for you, cousin.

EBoo said...

What?! That's amazing! So happy for you/proud of you!

Nome Alone said...

thanks!!! xo

christinaaa said...

holy cow naomi!!!! congrats!


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