School Project. New-Media Collaboration.

I teamed up with a photographer and a publishing arts student to help Whittier Elementary School with their arts festival. There are two different design concepts below, one (we heart art), that we did for the school and one for us, "the make arts festival," which is our concept for how we think the festival can be more succesful in the future. Our concept promotes interaction between the parents and kids by having workshops for them to create art together, rather than the parents being mostly spectators. Anyway, we were really excited about our Make arts Festival because the designs we made are meant to be more of an experience. THe map is a barrelfold brochure that has a picture of their school doors, as if you were literally entering the school and our program is a pop-out fold up map, which was really fun to make. The posters are more mature, because our target audience were parents and potential college student voluteers.

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