Despite that I caught a really nasty cold around 10 am today (one way worse than the one I caught last weekend), and was forced to stay at school all day and night for finals stuff (just got home), today was a successful day, filled with lots of love and birthday wishes. It started off great this morning by going to starbucks and getting a birthday latte with a gift certificate from Cheryl (my super sweet mother-in-law). Then going to school, where one of my teachers dragged me up to the front of the class and made the first and second year designers sing me happy birthday, which was very awkward and nice. And then having a thoughtfully prepared tuna sandwich for lunch from Andrew. I also got some really sweet gifts and cards, and had pho for dinner with buddies. Katie, Ariana and Amber brought me some really gorgeous and colorful roses and cupcakes (my favorite), you might be able to see them in this blurry phone photo. Anyway, not bad for postponing birthday festivities until finals are over, one more week!

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Andrew said...

I love this photo


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