The Beginning of a Beautiful Seattle Summer.

A special birthday present from Heidie and family, along with a very nice veggie stir-fry dinner that Andrew cooked and an over-all great night of spending the evening outdoors with wine, berry tarts and people you love. Breakfast at the Hi-Spot Cafe in Madrona. I had and loved the breakfast burrito, but pretty much anything you get there is delicious, you can't go wrong.
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Hitchcock, my new favorite place for unique jewelry. Does anyone know what plant/wild-life this is? I love the dark leave and bright flower combination. Andrew and his rad Batavus Moped, we got around the town on this thing, super fun. Artopia in Seattle's Industrial Georgetown Neighborhood.
Picture 16
Stellar Pizza, a Georgetown Staple that Andrew and I started frequenting when we first started dating 8 or so years ago. Still a favorite for having tasty pizza, try the "White Orcas" or the "Carleton." El Quetzal, hands down the best Mexican Food I've had in Seattle. They specialize in authentic Mexican Homemade Cuisine. Everything from the atmosphere, to the service and of course the food was awesome, I highly recommend this place. 
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email: consignmentconsignment [at] gmail [dot] com said...

I like the house with the teel garage

Naomi said...

Me too, Madrona has such great houses.

laura said...

nome! the plant that you wanted to identify -- we have that in our front yard! it's called black elderberry and i loooove it. dark dark foliage (i'll plant anyting with black leaves) and it gets cute pink flowers in the early summer, and then black berries, and the birds LOVE it. one of the best things i've ever grown. you should get one!! love your blogggggggg

Nome Alone said...

We will definitely be getting one be getting one of these plants, I'm so glad you know what it is! Thanks!!


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