South Seattle Secret.

Gigantic Teak Cabinet. Door hinges. Old school gym lights. Claw-foot Rentals. $5 Stone Sinks! Beautiful hardwood floors. Every vintage color of tiolet lids. Seats $15 Ok, I'll tell you where it is... Second Use is a place that has been reclaiming building materials for re-use in the Puget Sound region since 1994 and they have the biggest and most reasonably priced selection I've ever seen: hardwood floors (intact and loose, finished and un-finished), doors, trim, kitchen sinks, toilets, claw-foot tubs, old signs, paintings, maps, cabinets, furniture and millions of vintage handles and doorknobs. It's pretty amazing!

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Flávio said...

my congratulations
I hope we can keep in touch

I really liked the pictures


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