Modern-Shed final illustrations and sketch.

For our drawing class, we're making an art piece for a local company (modern-shed) that can be whatever we want it to be and out of any medium. Both first year classes will turn in their piece and there will be a winner selected by the company. Whoever wins will get their piece professionally printed by a bellevue screen-printing company, I really hope I win!! There are a lot of great ideas though, I can't wait to see everyone's. Here are my final illustrations. I'm having a hard time picking the one I want to go with.

Update: I won!!!! Yay!
  modern-shed sketch http://www.modern-shed.com/


Aimee said...

I think these are great - especially the first in grey and yellow. I believe that you should win. I would totally buy a shed from you.

John said...

You're a first year? This design looks awesome.

fallen heart said...

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fallen heart said...

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