Finished Quilt!

Quilt. 80 x 74 inches. Hand quilted. Naturally Dyed. Hand stitched binding. 

The fabric was naturally dyed using wood from an Osage Orange Tree and leaves from a Japanese Maple tree in our old backyard.

Oh my gosh, I finally finished my quilt. I am so happy and relieved at the same time. Relieved because I've been working on this for so long, I looked back at my old blog posts and saw that I started this in November of 2014! And I dyed the fabric for it on July 3, 2014! 

The quilt top was made fairly fast, maybe a couple of weeks, but the hand-quilting took the longest time (quilting the three layers together, the quilt sandwich as they say). Also, I did free-form hand quilting (not using a quilting loop and not using any sort of guides), which I thought was going to be more fun, but it probably made it harder in the end. It also didn't help that I took several months off while we moved and I took my sweet time only every once in awhile to work on it. I guess you could say I procrastinated on it quite a bit, the sheer size of it was slightly overwhelming for an amateur, but now I feel pretty good about everything and I sort of wish I got it done a lot sooner. There are things I would have done differently looking at it now, but overall, I am very pleased with it and excited for the next quilting adventure!

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