We're All Moved In!

OH MY GOODNESS, we are finally all moved into our new house!

Our first meeting with our real estate agent was February 1, 2015 and we moved into our new place on May 16, 2015. It's been an unexpected lengthy process. Months of preparing our old house to sell and having everything—including all of our hobbies—packed away in storage simultaneously. No cooking, lots of eating out, no crafting, no hobbies, just straight up house work. But luckily, all of our hard work paid off and we sold our place quickly. We also miraculously found a new place, which meant we could move door-to-door, which was a gigantic relief.

So yeah, we just moved into our new place last weekend and now we're slowly but surely tackling the unpacking. The new place has enough space for both of us to stretch out and live and I cannot be more excited! It feels so good to be reunited with long lost things and rituals. I especially like that crafting and quilting is in the near future. Can't wait for all of the planned home improvements to be finished. I'll be sure to share photos as soon as I can! Love, -n

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