Big news!

Big news! Andrew and I are selling our house! We're scheduled to put it on the market in the next couple of weeks. We've been here for six years so far, so it's finally time for a slight upgrade. Ideally, we're hoping to stay in the neighborhood or maybe somewhere in West Seattle, but remain somewhat flexible as far as location goes. We just kind of figured with all of the projects and everything we do at home, we're gonna need a bigger space to live comfortably.

SO, as you can imagine, the last TWO months have been chaos with us prepping this place to sell. Everything has been moved into a storage space, we had the floors sanded, the walls painted, some kitchen cabinets installed, the outside pressure-washed, our windows cleaned, some molding installed, some foundation work repaired and we're getting the kitchen floor redone too. We even had to stay somewhere else for a week while work was being done.

I'm just trying to be a trooper with it all, but it's been hard, we haven't even been able to cook. I just hope it's all worth it and that everything will work out. I also can't wait to get back to all of my quilting projects (!) Fingers crossed we get through these next steps!

(Photo taken at the UW in the weaving room). 

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