First Completed Quilt.

 Super fun creating my first quilt! 
(Special thanks to Patricia of Okan Arts for the technique tips). 


Nifty Quilts said...

Beautiful! I love your stitching and the fact that the lines aren't quite straight. Gives it a sweet character. Mary Keasler sent me your blog link. I live in Seattle. By the look of your work, I know you'll love the Japanese show that's at the LaConner Quilt Museum now. I was there yesterday. ALL the quilts are stunning. My favorites were on the third floor. Mary said you know Patricia Belyea, who is also a friend of mine. I'm sure we'll meet up someday. Best, LeeAnn

Nome Alone said...

Thank you! That quilt show sounds amazing, hopefully I can make it up there. So cool you live in Seattle and that you know Mary and Patricia! Love that there is a quilting community! I'm sure we'll meet up too! -Naomi


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