Happy Friday!

Today is Friday and tomorrow morning, 20 hours from now, I will be standing in downtown Seattle with nothing but my running gear on. I will (hopefully) be near 4 close friends including my husband, and the 5 of us will be waiting together, amongst thousands of strangers in corral 33. With the exception of the ringleader who convinced us to start running in the first place 5 months ago, it will be everyone's first half marathon. We will be running Seattle's 'Rock and Roll' Half marathon, which is exactly 13.1 miles long. It starts at 7 AM, goes through downtown towards the I.D., along Lake Washington Blvd, and back through downtown and onto the viaduct where it will be closed down completely to the public for all of us runners us to enjoy.

I am excited, nervous and afraid. The first two feelings are to be expected, but the last feeling came recently. I have been fighting a mild cold since Monday and I woke up Thursday morning to a fully developed cold. This is day two of genuine sickness. I have done all the right things as far as staying home from work, taking vitamins and getting plenty of rest. I slept 9 hours last night. So, I'm expecting to stay on the right path to feeling ready to run tomorrow.

I suppose this talking would be pointless if I didn't leave you with a takeaway. So let me tell you about my sick day at home. I took advice from friends, colleagues, and family to take care of myself. To take it easy and cuddle on the couch with our cat Lucas. To take zinc. To have pho for lunch and to drink tea. So, that's exactly what I did. I even made myself a fire and read half of the latest book "Farther Away" by Jonathan Franzen. I even watched a documentary and flipped through magazines.

My forced day at home helped me realize that I need to read more often than I normally do and that I need to make it a priority to, in the simplest terms, relax. To keep striving for that healthy balance of work, social, and personal/exploration time. I want to continue learning and trying to be as healthy as possible. I'm also recommending the Franzen book (and it doesn't hurt that the book cover design is gorgeous)! So anyway, here's to good health and love and happiness (and hoping I get across the finish line)! And to wishing you a cozy and relaxing weekend. Love, -n


HÉRITAGE said...

good luck for your race!

Nome Alone said...

Thank you!

Belle said...

Thank you for sharing.
Colds can use some sweating. The exercise will get your blood flowing and speed up recovery. You're going to do great tomorrow.
Believe it.


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