Happy Friday!



Ok, I'm extremely proud of myself. I ran my first 4 mile run last night with about 20 other experienced runners. I'm a terrible runner who stops after every block or so for a 5 minute walk break, so this is huge. I ran the whole entire time with only two 20-second walk breaks to catch my breath after finishing big hills. It's astonishing what one is capable of when running with others. I would have never done that by myself. Never ever (thank you amazing runner friend Cara for encouraging me). So yeah, I'm very proud but it's over now, which seems sad. From here on out, I've got to be realistic about my running goals, don't know when or if I will do it again, but I do know that I would like to run MORE. Whatever that means. Anyway, small steps (literally). Also, I am really looking forward to this weekend, hope you are too. YAY 2013! Love, -n


Stacey said...

You go, Nome! Wish I had the discipline to run. But alas, I'll just cheer on my friends :)

Nome Alone said...

THANKS STACEY!! So, I just checked out your new website and I absolutely LOVE it! So wonderful to see your body of work like that, YOU go!! xo


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