Home Inspiration.

I am so jealous of this place's natural light! I also love how it looks "lived in," so many places look beautiful, but almost too staged. I tend to have a few things going at once and have little time to clean every little thing up, especially if it's in-progress, so seeing a place that has a few things around and in baskets/boxes is quite inspiring and realistic for someone like me. I'm also way into the amount of plants. I would love to scatter my plants around our house, but the only natural light they can get is in the kitchen, so they're all in one spot. I suppose I have some problem solving to do (plant shelves?).
(All images found via Design Sponge).


Joe Brokken said...

I want that reclaimed wood platform bed soooooo much!

Nome Alone said...

Me too!!
P.S. Hope you're doing well JOE!!!


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