Affogato has changed my life.
Have you ever tried affogato? It's ice cream topped with espresso and if you get it from one of my favorite coffee shops in Seattle "Moore Coffee" they will garnish it with a wafer and a fancy piece of chocolate, so delicious! I've had ice cream three days in a row now, yikes! Anyway, since we're on coffee shops and because I'm a Seattle-ite, I might as well tell you my favorite places for coffee.
1. Vivace.
2. Cafe Darte. 
3. Moore Coffee. (They serve 'Darte' coffee).

...Stumptown, Victrola and Cafe Ladro are pretty good too!


des said...

if you go to cupcake royale and get their tiramisu cupcake the will gladly serve it up affogato too! a must try!

Nome Alone said...

Ooh! That sounds incredible, will do!


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