Great Grandpa.

Great Grandpa.Great Grandpa.
Thought I'd share a couple photos of my great grandpa on my dad's side, Yakama Chief Jobe Charley from Toppenish, WA. My dad lived with him until he was about 10 years old. These images are in the digital collections from the UW, which seems weird in a way, but also pretty neat.


Jo said...

Oh wow, these photos are not only completely awesome but what a treasure they must be for you to have. So precious to be able to have such clear images of ancestry.

Nome Alone said...

Yes, I am very fortunate to have these images, thank you!

jarbra15 said...

My Grandfather Ed Jarman of Toppenish was a good friend of your great grandpa. He was the manager of the J.C. Penny store in Toppenish and very involved with the Yakima Indian Tribe and Toppenish Pow Wow. My Grandfather was given an honorary indian name (Chief Three Star) I believe from your great grandpa. I remember him having many baskets given to him as presents from Chief Jobe Charley. I was the first born grandchild (1952) and my grandparents were given a present of moccasins for me which I still have. I have many fond memories of the stories my grandpa would tell me of your great grandpa when we came to visit.
B. Jarman, Elephant Butte, Nm.


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