Alaska King Salmon.
Alaska King Salmon, Brocollini, and Sesame Soba Noodles.
Auntie's basket in-progress.
Figured I was just tired on Friday after a long week, but as it turns out, I was coming down with a cold and have been sick and extremely fatigued this whole weekend. On Friday (before I realized I was sick), I did get to relax and attend a craft-night where I worked on some embroidered post cards for this new post-card exchange I'm involved in (which I will probably post about soon) and with the exception of a couple tiny necessary errands, I got to stay in all Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, we made an Alaskan king salmon, broccolini and sesame soba noodle dinner that was simply superb and on Sunday, I stayed in bed with my cold and a book for most of the day; feeling fatigued is the pits. Hope you had a relaxing weekend. Love, -n

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des said...

o i want to hear more about that lovely handwoven basket! hope you got your much needed rest + are now on the mend.


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