Wishlist: Leather Camera Strap.

Below Color: Natural.
Below Color: Tan.
This leather camera strap from Portland's Tanner Leather Goods comes in seven different colors! I have narrowed my favorites down to "Natural" and "Tan" featured above. If anyone knows anything about this 'natural' color leather and how it ages, please let me know. Blackbird carries belts in this color and in the description it says "This leather is un-dyed and will absorb dye from your clothes, oils from your hands and anything this thirsty leather gets close to." I am a huge fan of aged leather, but that sounds scary right? I'm imagining blue pen marks and horrible dark stains everywhere. With that said I'm leaning towards the classic tan, but I don't want to be boring and give up on the account of simply never having seen this natural color aged. ??

Update: I received the light natural color strap and love it so far! No stains yet! Thanks Andrew!

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