Weekend. Part One.

Cousin: Naomi and Teresa.
{ far 4 }.
Downtown Seattle.
JOIN Design Seattle and Brite Collective pop-up shop.
{ far 4 }.
Chocolate Chip Cookies!
Watson Kennedy.
Red Tree.
{ far 4 }.
Lunch. Salad.
Downtown Seattle.
Pioneer Square.
Despite the especially frosty weather that everyone couldn't stop talking about this weekend, I did a lot of walking which I'm very proud of, I'd like to keep that up. I saw a pretty sunset, explored a few shops including { far 4 }, such a great place for gifts btw, enjoyed some local seafood, managed to stay toasty with fires, snuggly sweaters and my first eggnog latte of the year (which I forgot to snap). It's nice seeing fresh cranberries for sale in the market. I am sort of floored by it being Thanksgiving week already! I love this time of year! I've already started the calorie-fest by consuming several freshly baked chocolate chip cookies in one day. Another great reason to keep up the walking. Ooh! I picked up my dream sweater that I've already started calling my "life sweater," from J.Crew's sale section, I love it! (It's the one pictured in the top photo). Lastly, I went to a well designed pop-up shop that will be featured in Weekend Part 2. Hope you had a nice weekend! Love, -n

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