Andrew's Pumpkin.
amber naomi
Erin Gainey and her fabulous necklace!
Cafe Presse.
Dear sky.
Samantha and KB.
Andrew's on left, mine on right.
Strath's Birthday Party!
Fruit spread.

Cafe Presse is so good! I could eat there every day. We went to a friend's 40th birthday party where there were some of his notes and drawings that he made from when he was little hanging up as decorations, such a great idea (so funny)! I also had a nice seasonal dish of fresh fruit from Georgetown's "Calamity Jane's" that had pomegranate, rasberries and blackberries included! Triple threat, no-one does fruit like them. While we were in the area, we picked up some specialty beers from the "Georgetown Brewing Company" who make one of my favorite kinds called Manny's. Periodically, we will buy a couple growlers from them. A very nice company. What else? Andrew and I carved spooky pumpkins and baked the seeds to have as treats, which all turned out pretty good. Anyhoo, hope you had a great weekend! Love, -n


Strath said...

Such awesome photos!! Thank you for snapping away and for my delicious cake (white on white, so chic).

Nome Alone said...

You're welcome! Thanks for having us, super fun! Also, I have way more photos, including a great one of your mom, on my flickr.


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