Happy Friday!

Spaghetti dinner with Veggie meatballs and 14 hands cab.
Wishing you a warm and relaxing weekend! Love, -n
(Update: Alright, I know, corn never looks elegant in pictures, but I was very proud of this dinner. I made a super slow simmer tomato basil sauce that I added all sorts of things to, such as garlic, onions, peppers, red wine, and so on that was topped with vegetarian meatballs, and unfortunately, there's really nothing else that goes with spaghetti as well as corn, right? MMM. Maybe it's just the color combination that bothers me, it's essentially red and yellow, which we all recognize as McDonald's colors, which, from what I've heard, were created to make you feel uneasy). Anyhow, the dinner was tasty, wish I had some right now!


Jade said...

Looks yummy :)

email: consignmentconsignment [at] gmail [dot] com said...
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Matt Nyce said...

Is it a well known fact that "corn never looks well in pictures"? That made me laugh. I think it looks delicious.

Nome Alone said...

Well thank you Matt. :)


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