A Seattle Q & A with Druscilla Santiago.

Druscilla Santiago
Graphic Design/Illustration
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Druscilla's Birthday Picnic.
This is my newest blog feature "A Seattle Q & A." Being born and raised in Seattle, I've come to meet a lot of stylish and unique people, who do a lot of cool things, so I thought I'd ask them some questions.

1. What trait(s) or characteristic(s) do you get from your grandparents?
My grandma and I were very close. She lived with my mom and I, and because my mom was usually at one of her jobs or at school, I spent a lot of time with my grandma. If I'm lucky, I've picked up her fierce attitude, her desire to take care of people and her ability to tell a really good story.

2. What's the best part about living in the Seattle?
There are a lot of things I love about this city. Its surrounded by water, the food is delicious, the air is clean, and the view is gorgeous (from all of the hills). But, my favorite thing is how walkable it is. I don't drive and I don't really like to catch the bus, so I appreciate how you can walk or bike everywhere in Seattle.

3. What do you always carry with you?
I always carry 3 pictures in my wallet.
-One of my grandma sitting on our couch back in Waipahu and pointing at me probably telling me that I better not take her picture.
-One of my mom and I on a grey hound bus the day we left Texas.
-One of my dad in his BDUs holding me as a baby as my two older cousins are next to him smiling with their hair all wild.

These pictures are very dear to me, so hopefully, I'll never misplace my wallet!

4. If you could have dinner with any deceased author, who and why?
This is a tough one for me, so I'll just go with my first thought, which is Dr. Suess. I was his biggest fan as a child and it didn't really go away over the years. He was such an advocate for equality, the environment and adventure. I'd love to hear his stories and learn about what lead him to his eventual career in children's literature.

5. Worst food indulgence? (the more secretive the better).
I'm a vegetarian and I go back and forth between being vegan and eating as much cheese as I can handle. So, my worst indulgence is when I stop off at 7-11, I almost always leave with a jalepeno and cream cheese taquito. They're so good! And, I must feel guilty about it because I only do it when I'm by myself and I always get rid of the 'evidence'.

6. If Obama were coming to your house for dinner, you would prepare your famous __________. (Include your recipe if you want!)
Gandule rice. Its a family recipe passed on from my grandma- and the only thing I know how to cook.

7. If you had to make rules (like Fight Club), what would rule #1 always be?
Rule #1: Never lose the ability to laugh at yourself.

8. No one knows _______________ about me. (fill in the blank). Make it as serious as you want to.
Honestly, I'm an open book. Maybe there isn't one person who knows everything about me, but if you get two or three of the right people- they could probably write my biography.

9. Is the Seattle freeze fictitious? How do you know?
Its definitely real and very strange. I think it has a lot to do with the weather. Its so gloomy here most of the year that people mope around with vitamin D deficiencies and forget how to make friends.

10. Where is the best place to eat dinner?
At my house! Seriously, Chris is an amazing cook and we love to entertain guests. You should come by some time!

Some of Druscilla's work:
Picture 1
Thanks Druscilla!

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