Katherine May

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Katherine May has a really interesting and unique work process where "clients are encouraged to supply their own fabrics for quilts, from pre-loved garments to special items which hold memories such as wedding's dresses, children's clothes, grandmother's old clothes and linens" and often she will visit the client's home to have a deeper visual understanding of who they are to make the perfect piece. She also hosts workshops where she teaches the craft of patchwork and quilting, wouldn't this be so fun to attend? See more about her here.


Maddie said...

I bet she was inspired by the quilters of Gee's Bend. I didn't see if she referenced them at all, but I think they MUST be one of her influences: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_hf0TufUk99M/TJG8IYDWQ9I/AAAAAAAACqc/ChLbSO-D1aI/s1600/gee4.jpg

Maddie said...

Ohhh noob that I am I didn't make it an actual link... here: Gee's Bend

Nome Alone said...

Ooh love it, thanks for sharing!


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