Lucas Photoshoot.

rooftop show.
french press.
pretty, does anyone know what this is?
Lucas Photoshoot.
summer feet.
garden walk.
georgetown p-patch.
Newly built Pinto Moped.
georgetown p-patch.

thrift store finds!
Newly built Pinto Moped.
My nephew turned 3 and had a super cool cake. Andrew finished building the JC Penney Pinto moped, which I'm almost positive is now officially mine. I must say that it's been really fun having a moped to get around the city with when it's hot out (thanks Andrew). Georgetown was having a "Garden Walk" where a bunch of different participating homes in the area let you visit their homes/gardens, so we stopped in to see a few -there were some neat ones, very inspiring. Super great sunny weekend, hope you were able to get outside! Love, -n


Cathy said...

That cake is the coolest!! And I love all of the colors in this post!

Nome Alone said...


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Mutt Nice said...

I noticed those rad clouds too!

Jo said...

Woah! The cake, the moped, the nails (man I love that colour!), the food, the house with the drums?! Totally great photos. Whose house is it with the rooftop show?! A-mazing house. So different to how things look here in England. (Also just added you as a contact on flickr - hope that's cool?).

Nome Alone said...

Matt, Yes, those were great clouds!
Jo, Not sure if England has one or not, but got the nail polish at Urban Outfitters, and that house is located near us in Georgetown, where they have a few more cool house like that. Can't remember what the band was, but yeah, really cool! Thanks for connecting with me on flickr! -n

Jo said...

Cool! I practically live in Urban Outfitters so that's awesome! And I still can't get over the roof top show. Very cool!


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