A Seattle Q & A with Jesse Lortz.

Jesse Lortz
Thee Flying Dutchman, Fe Fi Fo Fums, Dutchess and the Duke, and currently Case Studies
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This is my newest blog feature "A Seattle Q & A." Being born and raised in Seattle, I've come to meet a lot of stylish and unique people, who do a lot of cool things, so I thought I'd ask them some questions.

1. What trait(s) or characteristic(s) do you get from your grandparents?
My father was adopted, and his adopted parents operated a Ben Franklin store in Deer Lodge, MT. They died when I was pretty young. On my mothers side of the family they were super strict Catholics, which she rebelled against, so I didn't really know them either. My mothers father had a motor home and liked to travel. Maybe I get that from him. Maybe this is a question of nature vs nurture?

2. What's the best part about living in the Seattle?
I don't ever really think about that. My son is here, so this is where I am for now. I think the great thing about Seattle is the fact that you can make it as big or as small of a city as you want it to be.

3. What do you always carry with you?
My wallet. It is pretty dull.

4. If you could have dinner with any deceased author, who and why?
I would have dinner with Richard Brautigan. We would eat spaghetti because I would like to watch Richard Brautigan eat spaghetti.

5. Worst food indulgence? (the more secretive the better).
I eat popcorn once a day. I am starting to worry that it might not be that healthy. I have been putting Tapatio on it more and more lately and this is also probably not so good for me.

6. If Obama were coming to your house for dinner, you would prepare your famous __________. (Include your recipe if you want!)
Ground Buffalo over rice with carrots and onions. It is really easy to make and it is delicious.

7. If you had to make rules (like Fight Club), what would rule #1 always be?
Think before you speak.

8. No one knows _______________ about me. (fill in the blank). Make it as serious as you want to.
I think most of my secrets are pretty much already out there. Through writing and making music over the past few years I have aired out most of my dirty laundry. Maybe no one knows that I wish I didn't have any tattoos?

9. Is the Seattle freeze fictitious? How do you know?
I think a lot of people came here under the pretenses of the dot com boom and then lost their jobs and are now stuck here in a city that wasn't properly developed for the population we have. Then you have native Seattleites, whatever that means, who are holding a grudge against people who moved here and made their city expensive to live in. I grew up here, and I am friendly. Everybody I know who was born and raised here is friendly and open.

10. Where is the best place to eat dinner?
I really like the beef Teriyaki from Kyoto Teriyaki on Pike and Harvard.

Some of Jesse's work:

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Case Studies Sacred Bones will be released Aug 16th!
Thanks Jesse!

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