Oregon: Final Part Four, Portland, Vino Paradiso.

Vino Paradiso. Portland, Oregon.
Vino Paradiso. Portland, Oregon.
Vino Paradiso. Portland, Oregon.
Portland Oregon.
Vino Paradiso. Portland, Oregon.
This is the last, and maybe most important Portland post yet. Andrew and I discovered a new restaurant called Vino Paradiso (whom are currently undergoing a re-branding, so their name will be changing soon), and it was the best place to have our final dinner in Portland. The food was prepared in front of us on a stove (we sat at the bar in this modest-sized restaurant), and it was phenomenal! I had to write that on the check when we signed it. We shared a scallop/cauliflower puree in a creamy broth, an artichoke heart and cabbage salad, and an entree of pan-seared trout. We were using words like "ridiculous" and "unbelievable" under our breath countless times because it was seriously that delicious. Anyway, Oregon did not let down as far as food goes, I strongly recommend keeping an eye on this place in whatever form it ends up taking! Here is more info.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Glad you enjoyed the experience at my place recently!! It's nice to hear that people are loving our new chef, Aren's, food as much as I am. I have been out of town for most of July, and haven't had the chance to have pics taken of him or his food, and I was wondering if I could use one of the ones you posted here...? Timothy Nishimoto, Owner, Vino Paradiso/coppia

Nome Alone said...

Hi Timothy!

Of course you can use any of my photos, there are a few more here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nomarssparechange/page13/

They are randomly placed, so there are some more on page 14 as well.

Such a lovely restaurant.
Thanks! -naomi


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