Volunteer Park. Conservatory.Cupcakes.Mohai. Dill.Carlos and Cathy's.20110212-DSC_0031-1-2Andrew. Mustard dressing with tarragon and dill. Mohai. 2Cafe Flora's.  YUM! Volunteer Park.20110213-DSC_0001-2Volunteer Park. Conservatory.20110212-DSC_0033-1-2DInner.Mohai.Delicious dinner.Volunteer Park. Conservatory. Cafe Flora's.  YUM! I had a great weekend! Visited family and friends, finally went to the MOHAI (Museum on History and Industry), visited the Volunteer Park Conservatory and of course, ate lots of delicious food. Cafe Flora might be my new favorite breakfast place; it's vegetarian which is cool, and their soy sausage and cheesy grits are super delicious! Really, I wish I had some right now. All in all a great weekend. Hope you had great weekend too! Happy Valentines Day! Love, -naomi

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