Seattle. Breakfast. Seattle.Alki Beach, West Seattle. FreeTime Renovation progress. Dinner. Messy. Alki Beach, West Seattle. Alki Beach, West Seattle. Alki Beach, West Seattle. Chrysler New Yorker. Andrew making dinner. LUcas. clams. Sea Scallops. Cookies my mom and I made. Clams and Seafood Cioppino. Chrysler New Yorker. Cookies my mom and I made. Chrysler New Yorker. This weekend went by really fast. On Friday, Andrew got his 64 Chrysler New Yorker back that he owned when I first met him about 9 years ago. A few years later, he ended up selling it to a friend of a friend, who luckily, just sold it back to us! It wasn't even mine, but I associate a lot of great memories with it, so it's really special to have it back in our lives. Saturday was a combination of walking on the beach, renovating the Free Time Studio, and spending the evening at home, which is my favorite kind of evening. Andrew bought bay/sea scallops, prawns, clams, mussels, and fish from Uwajimaya and made us some delicious appetizers and seafood cioppino, which was complimented by some fine wine and movie watching. Some other highlights were making cookies with my mom, singing my baby nephew to sleep, and seeing friends and family. Hope you had a lovely weekend as well! Love, -naomi

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