Sydney, Australia: Part 1 Christmas Day.

manly copy andrewbeach ee beach copy 3 Australia_Batch_Three (31 of 978) Clearly, Sydney was a lot warmer than Ballarat, it was very much t-shirt/shorts weather everyday we were there, which was a super welcomed contrast from Seattle. It was almost surreal spending Christmas day swimming at Bondi Beach in Sydney. The water was warm, there were a lot of people, most of them wearing santa caps, and it was a very hot day. We also spent time at Manly Beach, which is in Northern Sydney, more nudity, stronger surf, but equally beautiful. The Christmas tree photo above was taken in the Queen Victoria Building located downtown where they had lots of fancy shops. We walked around in there the day after Christmas, which was "Boxing Day," and people were lined up around the block waiting to get into places like Gucci, and Louie Vuitton, I've never seen anything like it. I guess it's one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

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