A Seattle Q & A with Laura Cassidy.

Laura Cassidy
Style Editor, Seattle Met
Editor in Chief, Seattle Met Bride & Groom
See her work here and blog here.

A Q & A with Laura Cassidy. Picture 2
I'm introducing my newest blog feature "A Seattle Q & A." Being born and raised in Seattle, I've come to meet a lot of stylish and unique people, who do a lot of cool things, so I thought I'd ask them some questions.

1. What trait(s) or characteristic(s) do you get from your grandparents?
My mom's mom, Eileen, was an over-accessorizer. I am really happy and really proud to say that I inherited the gene. I also inherited a lot of her jewelry, as well as some really beautiful and meaningful pieces that belonged to my husband's grandmothers, Jane and Marie.

2. What's the best part about living in Seattle?
Aside from the saltwater, evergreens, and mountain tops, the smallness of it. I love making new friends and finding out that you already know eight or nine people in common. I like that if you care to, you can really know and understand an entire community. And if you want them to, the community can know and understand you.

3. What do you always carry with you?
As of last week: a pair of clear, rectangular cat-eye Prada sunglasses. They're epic.

4. If you could have dinner with any deceased author, who and why?
Carson McCullers, because she was delicate but tough, simple but revolutionary, timely and timeless.

5. Worst food indulgence? (the more secretive the better).
Sour cream + Mrs. Grass brand onion soup mix + Wavy Lays = I'm not proud of it.

6. If Obama were coming to your house for dinner, you would prepare your famous __________. (Include your recipe if you want!)
If Obama were due at my house, I'd lock the door, turn off the porch light, and let the most unwelcoming Throbbing Gristle record bleed out through the windows at full volume. Liars, crooks, and fakers are not welcome in my home.

7. If you had to make rules (like Fight Club), what would rule #1 always be?
Tell yourself the truth.

8. No one knows _______________ about me. (fill in the blank). Make it as serious as you want to.
No one knows about my imaginary friends.

9. Is the Seattle freeze fictitious? How do you know?
I think it's hard to move to a new city no matter what the city is. I think many people are afraid of relationships, I think some people are intimidated by directness, and I think that often, in this world of 60-hour work weeks and constant tethering to information and communication, it's hard enough to carry on existing relationships let alone forge new ones. I am more weirded out by women who vibe out other women and succumb to sensing competition rather than embracing sisterhood. And most of all I am bummed out by people who judge and shut out others based on their appearance and/or their perceived social standing, intelligence, or status.

10. Where is the best place to eat dinner?
My backyard. The old wrought iron table pulled into the evening sun, Jane and Marie's tableclothes and Eileen's dishes (filled with meals that contain ingredients from the nearby garden), a stack of LPs, and some new and old friends.

A Q & A with Laura Cassidy.
Thanks Laura!


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