Waiting room. La medusa NOVEMBER. coffee. us NOVEMBER.new lens = lots of lucas. La Medusa. La Medusa. Theo's chocolate espresso tort. Unbelievably good. Waiting room . Labels. In Progress. Labels. In Progress. Wow, I've gained atleast 9 pounds these past few weeks. On one one hand, I don't mind because it's the holidays, but I must say it's not so cool having to buy larger pants (am I sharing this)? It's just that I've been surrounded by such good food that I've been left with no other option. Anyway, despite the details, I had a good weekend: went to a tree farm, watched good movies, went to one of my favorite restaurants ever "La Medusa," which is seriously such a treat. I recommend going there if you live in Seattle, I actually felt like I was on a 'food-high' when I left, those exact words came out of my mouth. I was also quite productive this weekend with a logo, and some 'poison' labels for a friend, which always feels nice. It's going to feel weird going back to work after all that's happened with the weather, the holidays, the eating, the dr. visit to get my neck checked out, etc., but I look forward to getting back into a routine. Hope you all had a lovely break!

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