Salad club.

Salad club. Work Day. Salad club. Work Day. salad club.- Salad club. Work Day. And the sun on our way back. Salad club. Work Day. So, as I may have mentioned before, I work with my best friend Katie at Microsoft, and it's great. One of the things we've started doing together, besides commuting, and having touching desks, is SALAD CLUB. Lunch at work makes it so easy to grab a burger or a fast food item, but instead we're eating salad, and it's so funny how weird other people think it is. Every single day during lunch, we are in the communal kitchen area rinsing spinach or lettuce, along with other vegetables preparing our lunch and people can't get enough. They ask us questions, tell us we're too healthy, and how they'd like to start eating better, and how they've tried organic food before, etc.. So, while I think it's a good thing we're influencing others to eat healthier, it's funny how much of a racket it is! Does our salad eating make others feel guilty for the stuff they're eating? Anyway, long story short, we eat salad, it shouldn't be that weird, and yes more people should do it because it's good. We're currently coming up with weekly menus, this week was kale, pine nuts, tomatoes, spicy hummus, avocado, and tahini dressing. *Kale is supposedly crazy good for you (and tasty)! Try some!

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