I've missed you internet.

The first few hours of snow were fun.. 1. Warming up the car. snow2-0066 2. Seeing best-friend at Stumptown after her being away on vacation forever. snow2-0067 3. Watching it snow from my desk. snow2-0068 But after it had snowed all day and night, it looked like this: snow.-0076 And then, I was trapped inside, like this: snow2-1 So anyway, hello! A lot of things have happened in the past few days and I'm so excited to have the internet back! As you've probably noticed I haven't updated my blog in a few days, but only because my internet stopped working, and I've been sick. It probably stopped working because of the weather, it snowed really hard here in Seattle the other day, which is really weird. I haven't even been able to go to an internet cafe, I've just been trapped in my house, camped out on the couch under tissues and a blanket. I guess it could be worse, but even if I had a car, I wouldn't drive anywhere in this weather. I'm totally traumatized from trying to drive home the other night from work and getting rear-ended. It was really scary, but I'm doing ok. Anyway, I really hope this internet connection lasts! And thanks for not giving up on my blog posting! Have a great holiday weekend! Love, -naomi


EBoo said...

oh my gosh! you got rear-ended?! that is terrible! how is your car? i'm glad you are okay!! and i'm glad yer internet and blogging is back too. :) xo

Nome Alone said...

Thanks Erin! Yes the rear-ending was the pits, and I don't know if my car is ok, I had to abandon it and walk home about 4 miles with Andrew. But yes, glad internet is back! xoxo. -n


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