Weekend. In Chicago.

Chicago drinks on top of the Hancock. Chicago drinks on top of the Hancock. Chicago-0555 Buttercrust pizza, Oprah's favorite. Chicago Chicago-0600 Chicago-0619 Chicago. Cody Emily and Andrew relaxing on Lake Michigan. "Stranger in Paradise," the works of Howard Finster. Picture 7 Picture 5 Picture 6 "The Jazz Loft Project" photos by W. Eugene Smith, a celebrated former LIFE Magazine photographer, photos taken from 1957-1965 exposing 1,447 rolls of film making roughly 40,000 pictures, the largest body of work in his career. Picture 2 Picture 4 Picture 3 Chicago-0547 Chicago-0544 Chicago-0524 Chicago- breakfast-0477 Chicago records Chicago-eyeball? Chicago. Flo's -really delicious dinner. Chicago-0485 This weekend was spent in Chicago visiting old friends that used to live in Seattle, it was a lot of fun -Cody and Emily were very generous hosts. We toured the city, partied, ate tons of delicious food including Oprah's favorite buttercrust Pizza from Pizano's, had drinks on the top of Hancock building, lounged on the "beach," took subways, saw art and heard lots of great jokes. Chicago is pretty cool. Oh and if you're interested in seeing the rest of the photos, check out my flickr.

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