Weekend. Bachelorette Party/Wedding.

dena's bachelorette-0dena's bachelorette-Lobster and omelette breakfast. thanks Andrew!weddingwedding-0626wedding- weddingwedding-0638wedding-0653Screen shot 2010-09-25 at 9.43.49 PM wedding-0667 wedding-0660wedding-0698I had a really great weekend! Some of the festivities included a bachelorette party, ethiopian food, cowgirls inc. (yikes), a birthday party, lobster breakfast (thanks Andrew), and our friends Matt and Dena getting married! The venue, flowers and everything were so pretty --also the Indian food was delicious! I made a point to take way more photos at weddings since I usually forget and always regret not taking more, so there are a lot more on my flickr if you'd like to see them.

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