Back to School!

Picture 21 Picture 27 Picture 33 Picture 32 Picture 28 Picture 31 Picture 19 Picture 17 Picture 29 Picture 22 Picture 18 Picture 20 This week is my official “good-bye to summer,” as I start my second (and final year) of school for graphic design. On one hand, I'm a little sad knowing it will be the last year I go to school (likely in this capacity), but on the other hand, I'm really excited and optimistic and feel really good about the pending accomplishment. I've heard from many past graduates that this will be the most challenging/intensely busy year, which means I'll probably be blogging less, but not to worry, I should have plenty of new school projects to share. So, for now, here is my essential school supply list of things I already have and some (mostly) new wish-list items. Nail Polish: Mouse. $6 Pencil pouches: Leopard and Cat Pouches. Duluth Pack Free Time Industries Earrings. 15 inch Laptop Sleeve by packandsmooch Lamy Safari Fountain Pen. Moleskine Sketch Book. Folding Umbrella Stanley Thermos. Set of Sakura Pigma Micron Pens


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