Scarves and Fall.

One of my favorite ideas of what I think I like to do when it gets cold out, is knit myself a scarf. It makes me feel productive when sitting down to watch a movie, and not only is it cheaper than going out and buying one, but it's customizable to your liking. So, after getting very inspired by looking at Yokoo Scarves and Accessories, I am going to try and make myself a "cowl (featured below)." scarf2 neck scarf cowl scarf1 I picked up the yarn already and started on my cowl last Friday, we'll see how close I can get it! Oh! And I picked gray because it was the coziest color they had.yarn. i am going to make a scarf.


Aron said...

That's a great color gray. Good luck!

dana said...

Just started up the very same project in a similar color about two months ago (the fact that I say two months ago shows how much I have been working on it). Fall weather is creepin up... time for me to get knitting!


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