Tote Bags are tote-a-ly cool.

I heart tote bags, they are handy and that perfect touch of cool/casual (yes, I just said that). They're not only your best friend when in a hurry or for holding objects that you take in and out constantly like a camera or a lap-top, but they're also your partner in crime when impulse buying that huge beach towel you wouldn't normally be able to fit anywhere else (as long as they're a little over-sized like these ones). So, here are a few that I think work great (nudes are awesome summer colors, but so are crazy 90's floral patterns)! Print All Purpose Huge Linen Tote Bag Oversized beige and white checkerboard tote, Not-so-much-a-tote-bag, but a great larger travel shoulder bag in upholstery fabric with leather trim. 90s zebra floral print tote bag

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