Crocodile Show and Seattle Fun.

Pete and Lacey. Pete and Lacey. Katie and Kyle. katie and kyle. crocodile. The Unnatural Helpers Helpers the Obits. Obits. Rick Froberg. Obits. Rick Froberg. Went to the kick-off Capitol Hill Block Party show at the Crocodile to see "the Unnatural Helpers" and "the Obits," which was super fun. The Obits singer Rick Froberg used to be in the "Hot Snakes," one of my favorite bands ever, check em out if you haven't already.

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Robert Swipe said...

L.U.V. those red uniforms they're wearing Nome - they like they're all set to deliver some tasty hot snacks direct to your table straight after they've finished playing their set.

Now *that's* what I call service!




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