Bottom-Shelf Photo Quality, Oddfellows and a Show.

I do want to apologize for my low-rent photos, I only had my small camera on me, which I now know doesn't cut it, sheesh! Never again, but I did have a lovely night, and these photos sort of display that. First, we went to Oddfellows, which is superb for fabulous food, drinks and atmosphere, followed by an "evening meetings" show at the Chop Suey, and then completing the night with cupcakes from Cupcake Royale. St. James Cocktails St. James cocktail. Oddfellows. Oddfellows. Oddfellows. Ricotta. Oddfellows. Gnocci. Oddfellows. Oddfellows. Oddfellows. Oddfellows. Blurry Pic, stupid camera. Panna cotta, so good! Panecatta Sp? SO GOOD! Nome and Trenters Backback New favorite Seattle band, "Evening Meetings" playing their first show, which was awesome. yay! Evening Meetings. Making a 'Sandwich' with your cupcake is easy, simply take the top off and turn it over, it's more satisfying and ensures frosting in every bite. Cupcake Sandwich, thanks A.S.

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