Thrift Shop.

Today, I introduce my new category of something I probably enjoy doing more than anything (drum roll), thrift store shopping! When perusing thrift stores, I no longer buy the first thing that's vintage or funny, I actually practice a lot of self-discipline and only get the things that are truly "a find" or something I cannot live without. What could I not live without this weekend? 1. Wool, J.Crew Peacoat ($10) that fits perfectly and has white buttons. After I lost my favorite fitting red peacoat last year, I haven't been quite the same, but this makes up for it and then some. Yes!!! 2. Antique Windows (free)!! These were lying on the side of the road as scraps and because Andrew and I have one already that we love dearly, we decided to get them all, why not? They are antique windows with frames --some with panes. Many of them have antique latches and handles. Sure to make for some interesting projects. I can't believe someone would want to get rid of these!!! 3. Coffee canister ($1.99)!!! Oh I love canisters with typography on them. I have two already (I'll post them as well), one that says "beans" and another that says "flour," this will be the perfect addition to my collection.

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