Packaging Class.

I had an excellent class today, it's my favorite one this quarter. Today, my instructor talked about the importance and impact a great package can have upon someone, one that may even cause emotional reaction and delve deep into the psyche (which may explain my love for cheetos). A great example of a superb package would be that of the Vatican City, which I was so fortunate to have visited over this last Spring Break, where all of the great artists such as Bernini, Rafael, and Michaelangelo created magnificent pieces of art to house all of the stolen objects they've acquired over the centuries. It's within this great package that they are able to sell their product, after all, the interior must be as good as the exterior, right? Anyway, after much thought, my new soda is going to be called ANVIL cola and will be targeted to young men ages 15-25. P.S. I ordered CS5 yesterday!!!!!!! I cannot wait!!!!!!

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